Friendly Center Volunteer Recognition Event
The Friendly Center - 1324 N. Superior Street - Toledo, Ohio 43604

© 2012 The Friendly Center

The Friendly Center conducted a special volunteer recognition event, The Friendlys, on December 3rd at Woodward High School in their magnificent auditorium.  This inaugural event honored the volunteers who faithfully support The Friendly Center in ways which helped them serve more than 10,000 North Toledo residents in the past year.

Our volunteers give their time, gifts and presence to our community and programs at the Friendly Center and we understand how vital this support is to our organization” stated Amelia Gibbon, Executive Director of the Friendly Center.

The event included a scavenger hunt, a special video and an awards ceremony.   Special recognition was given to the following individuals and organizations:
  • Neighborhood Partner - Pearlene Johnson:  Pearlene for many years has helped with our food panty, cooked for our holiday meals, and volunteered her time to defrost our freezers.   She is also a terrific ambassador for the Friendly Center and has spread the word about the various needs and services people can obtain.
  • United Methodist Partner - Barbara Langston and RiverPoint Ministries United Methodist Church: donated turkeys and prizes plus helped remove graffiti in North Toledo and assisted in providing our youth an opportunity to safely celebrate Halloween.
  • United Methodist and Board Partner - Larry Wilson and Sylvania First United Methodist Church: This relationship has allowed The Friendly Center to provide 500 plus neighbors with a Community Day the past 3 years.  Sylvania First is a major contributor to our basic needs pantry plus gifts, hats and mittens for the children at Christmas.
  • Fund Raising and Board Partner - Trish Germain:  Trish was born in the North Toledo and is dedicated to the work The Friendly Center does in the community.  For the past three years Trish has organized our Annual Golf Outing at Bedford Hills Golf Club, plus provided balloons to our dances, Marigold Seeds to our plays and brought her family out to clean the neighborhood.
  • Local Business Partner - Nancy Joy and Owens Corning: Through Nancy’s efforts, Owens Corning and its employees have invested time, money and love into our community.  They have hosted the fall Festival and summer Youth Carnival at The Friendly Center, plus planted gardens and painted maps in all three corners of North Toledo.  
  • Local Youth Group - Angela Cairl and YMCA TOP at Woodward High School:  Angela is the advisor for the Youth at Woodward.  The local youth groups do the difficult tasks like canvassing the neighborhood to pass out flyers, paint over graffiti, serve meals, move furniture and encouraged fathers and daughters to get on the dance floor at Friendly Center event.  The youth do all this with friendly smiles.
  • Special Partner - Jean Smith and The Friendly Center Service Guild:  Jean Smith has been the President of the Service Guild for the past 3 years.  Thanks to the Service Guild, the Friendly Center can provide more food and hygiene products, hats & gloves, gifts for Christmas, eggs and baskets for Easter, and candy on Halloween.   The Service Guild supports numerous important and emergency needs for The Friendly Center.

Photos coming soon